Darkness in Flames was born in 1996, in the city of São Paulo, and was idealized by the friends Pepe Brandão (guitars), Victor Hugo (drums), Rodolfo Saxon (vocals) and Rodrigo Paste (bass), with a big influence of big metal bands as Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Slayer, and Saxon, among others.

The next years were marked by a lot of changes in the band’s trajectory; especially in its formation. At end of 2004, the guitarist Leandro Silva (ex-Conspiracy) and the drummer João Gobo (Scars/ex-Arum/ex-Hevilan) joined the band and brought new ideals and a new direction to the band.

Among these changes, Aivan Moura (ex-Invaders) took the frontman position. With this new formation, the band recorded their first EP “Dangerous Fate” in 2006, which was officially released in 2007. During the recording process, the guitarist Leandro Silva decided to leave the band due personal reasons, after only finishing recording his part. In May of 2007, the guitarist Rafael Orsi (ex-Invaders) joined the band, thus completing the team.

“(…) The band’s sound is dynamic and isn’t boring to the listener. (…) We’re anxiously awaiting for the complete album!” Cover Baixo Magazine –Feb/2008.

“The three songs ‘Wait For Death’, ‘Prophecy Of Time’ and ‘Dangerous Fate’ are very cool, with catchy melodies and chorus that sticks to the mind”. Roadie Crew – April/2008

In 2008, Rodrigo Paste left the band and was replaced by bassist João Lucio (ex-Discordia/ex-Diezel). With this formation, the band played some gigs in São Paulo, as well as performed as the opening act for the German band Grave Digger at Citibank Hall in August 2008, when the single “World is a Lie” was released.

Some comments about the band’s performance: “(…) The opening act of the night was São Paulo’s band Darkness in Flames, that delivered their hard and vigorous Heavy Metal with songs from the EP ‘Dangerous Fate’ (2007) and the new songs ‘World is a Lie’ and ‘Angel in Black’, that were the first songs of the set list and a taste of the band’s debut album – which the bands says is on the way. Their show was very good, really suitable with what should come next (…) They showed charisma and quickly got appreciation from the public; they kicked ass and certainly left the stage with an increased fan base! (…)” Roadie Crew Magazine – Oct/2008

“A band that have captivated the public waiting to see Grave Digger, by the charismatic way of its vocalist to entertain the crowd or by its good songs.” Comando Rock Magazine – Nov/2008

At the beggining of 2009, the band recorded a tribute for the São Paulo metal band Harppia, with the song “Salem”. The tribute had the participation of Jack Santiago, Harppia’s original vocalist. The song’s arrangement was modified, updating the original version. Jack spoke about the recording: “I was very happy for being invited by the guys of Darkness in Flames to sing my song in this pleasant tribute. I felt a lot of energy and enthusiasm coming from Rafael Orsi (G) and João Gobo (D) in our first meeting. I liked the arrangement they made so much, as it added modernizing tones to my song. I liked them so much that I really hope to work again with them in the future. METAL FOREVER! And with Darkness in Flames… it’s in good hands”.

In June, they recorded their first album B.L.A.C.K. The band was also the opening act for another heavy metal icon, the vocalist Steve Grimmett (Ex-Grim Reaper/Ex-Onslaught): “The opening act was Darkness in Flames, that makes a traditional/speed metal, agressive and hard. The band (…) sounds more like German metal bands, but its music can not limited to traditional/speed metal only. Judging by what we have seen live, Darkness in Flames’s debut CD brings great expectations.” Roadie Crew – Aug/2009